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As an expansion of BRITE Box, we run 6 week courses with 8-10 young people on each. Through our partnership with AFC, we are able to work with young people who are particularly at risk of anti-social behaviour and/or have social or mental health concerns. We are also working with Project X who work with young ex-offenders / youth who are at risk of offending.

Each course comprises the following elements:

  • Cooking skills based around different cuisines (e.g. French, Caribbean, Indian). We work with our volunteers and partners in The Good Food Group to promote cross-cultural learning by involving their chefs and cuisine.
  • Free access to achieve Health & Hygiene qualifications (level 1 and level 2) and support as needed to do so
  • Mentoring and development of interpersonal skills to help young people make informed choices and decisions
  • Volunteering and engagement with the community

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