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Having been in many discussions with local authorities about food insecurity, we came up with the idea of the BRITE Box (BB) - Building Resilience In Today's Environment. The BB project currently helps families across Richmond, Kingston and Southwark to address the growing issue of food hunger. Each family is in the project for a year and receives a weekly BB which has all the ingredients, a printed recipe guide with photos, illustrating step by step, how to cook a healthy meal together as a family. Through our partnership with local authorities, together with local charities/schools, we're able to ascertain and reach the most vulnerable families in our Boroughs and are now reaching 430 families (1700 people per week).

Our key aims through the project are:

  • Impacting the issue of child food hunger through fun family activity
  • Sparking joy and interest in cooking and eating well
  • Providing children with key cooking skills and the self confidence to use them
  • Bringing families together around food in the home
  • Inspiring a generation of future cooks to establish a cultural connection with food

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