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Donate Online

Adherence to government guidelines with respect to coronavirus measures means that we are not currently running the choirs. We anticipate being able to start up again in the Spring of 2021.

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is open to all women, but is especially for those who have been through domestic violence, assault, abuse, and mental or physical health challenges. We liaise with relevant organisations in the local area to reach out to those who could benefit from the choir. There is no audition or minimum standard requirement; the songs are accessible to all abilities and are a mix of musical styles and genres.

Sisterhood Choir is currently running online....

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is for those who live, or have lived, on the streets and/or facing long-term mental health challenges. We work with local homeless and refugee groups, together with Kingston Council to reach out to those in need.

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We are privileged to run choirs within several residential elderly and care homes within Kingston Borough, including Raleigh Staywell Centre, Coxhill Manor, Galsworthy House, Whiteley Village and Sherwood Grange.

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We have a thriving gospel choir who love to sing their heart out! From traditional spirituals to contemporary gospel songs, we cover them all.

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Prior to the pandemic, Voices of Hope and Singing It Back were hard at work expanding the King's Kids Choir with three groups: ages 5-8, 9-13 and children with special needs.

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gathers the Ham community together to sing in three-part harmony. We link closely with St.Richard's CoE School to perform at community events.

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