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ABC is a six-week course devised specifically to help people recover from the impact of Covid and other respiratory illnesses in a fun, creative way.

You can listen to the podcast of a conversation between Sarah Clay (VoH Director) and Dr. Helen Julia Minors (Associate Professor of Music at Kingston University) podcast about the ABC course by clicking here.

ABC will particularly benefit those who have been left with on-going symptoms of:

  • breathlessness
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • disordered breathing

Breathing exercises and singing are widely accepted as a way to improve breathing, help restore lung function and capacity as well as regain muscle support. On ABC, you will learn valuable breathing and singing techniques to help you manage symptoms as well as receiving support from course tutors and fellow course attendees. The course includes six 35-40-minute Zoom sessions for 8-10 people, led by expert tutors.

Local GP Dr.Annette Pautz of Holmwood Corner Surgery in New Malden writes:

"So many people have had COVID-19 over the last year, and have been left with on-going symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety and disordered breathing. It will be so important for these people, once they have had any necessary medical investigations and treatment, to be able to attend courses like the ABC programme, where they will get taught valuable techniques to help manage their symptoms as well as getting support from the course facilitators and fellow course attendees. As GPs, the ABC programme will also provide a valuable local service for us to be able to refer patients into to offer them further support in a non-medical environment and to help them get the best possible outcomes."

In order to access the course you must either self-refer or else be referred through completion of a simple form that can be accessed by clicking here. Once you have submitted the form you will be sent an email with a referral code that can be used to login to the course.

Depending on where you live in the world we may need to charge a small amount for the course as we only have funding for certain areas. We should love to be able to provide this course free of charge to everyone, so if you do know of funding routes that we could use in your area please send an email to

To join us in helping to provide this course to as many people as possible, please click here

To apply as a volunteer please click here, or to be considered for a paid role please click here.

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